Old CNC Machine
My diy CNC machine is old and flexible now, I built it while in college and have learned a bunch since then. It’s time for an upgrade! Here I’ve cut some new cams out of 1″ aluminum for the new 3/4″ thick aluminum plates I ordered (the old machine had wooden carriages), I need to cut 14 more to complete the rebuild.

Aluminum Cames for V-Groove 3/8" bearings
Between the cams will be a series of washers and nuts to space them out for the four rails the V-groove bearings mount to, I didn’t feel like ordering new ones as I have a bin of old parts, but I needed good seating of the bearings and consistent spacing between the 8 bearings on the X-axis rails. So, I decided to measure everything in my parts bin until I found enough to suit my needs

Tolerance of Nuts
After an assembly fueled by excitement, I forgot to take anymore pictures, so here’s┬áthe┬ácompleted X-axis upgrade first test: