Jamis Kromo
Hi internet strangers, I recently converted my old Jamis Kromo Dirt Jumper bicycle into a mid-drive electric bicycle using a mid-drive motor from Bafang. In this case, I wanted to run my bike as I had previously modified it, angry single speed, which meant I needed a powerful motor and battery combo to deal with the high torque start up. This generally left me with a few options currently available:

  • TSDZ2 – Torque sensor/throttle
  • BBS02 – Cadence sensor/throttle
  • BBSHD – Cadence sensor/throttle
  • Cyclone 3000 – Throttle/potential for cadence sensor

There are many more options, always new motors coming out, do not rely on this list, visit Endless Sphere forums. I went with the BBSHD because I live in the desert and it is said to cool better than the BBS02. I strongly considered the TSDZ2 because I love torque sensors, I have one on my Canondale Habit Neo and it is instantly responsive, but I was weary of a 750W limit on a single-speed based on my eMTB experiences at 750W. The cyclone was my second choice due to the planetary gear giving it massive torque, but I wanted the reliability of the BBSHD, which is known for some mountain bike installs.

Wiring Diagram

The install was pretty straight forward for this bike luckily, if you’ve ever installed a crank set, you’ll know what to do. However, you should know that every bike is different, and you may need shims, an angle grinder, or occasionally bend something to make it fit. The next step is wiring up everything, keep wiring neat and tidy!

**Pic of Placement of sensors**

**Pic of placement and securing of wiring**

**Pic of new soldered wiring**




If you thought motor selection was hard, just wait until you dig deep into lithium chemistry! If it wasn’t already obvious, the next step here is designing/building a battery.

To Be Updated…I need to upload a lot of pics…